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Lice: Safe& Effective Ways to Treat

At some point in his or her school career, your child will come home with the dreaded "lice exposure" letter.

Dealing with Your Child's Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a normal part of a baby's development, and nearly all children will experience it to some degree

4 Ways to Get Your Kids to Do Their Homework

Getting your kids to do their homework is a battle that has been waged for as long as homework has existed.

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what should I do??

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Video freaked me out!!

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Question for those of you who have more than 1 child

My DD, who will be 7 when baby comes, is really interested in watching this baby be born. She asked...

Trying to Conceive

The testing begins!! Update post #24!!

I am 9dpiui and 11 days past trigger. Here are my tests from yesterday and today. It may still be th...

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BTDT Is this normal behavior for DD?

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