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Helping Your Child Transition to Middle School

The transition from elementary school to middle school is a big one in a kid's life. There's not only exposure to a lot of new people, there are older, more mature kids...

Six Myths About Twins

Twins capture the curiosity of the world. From the Spearmint gum twins to Mary Kate and Ashley, seeing double brings amusement and assumptions.

Why Praise is Important for Children

How much praise we give to children is a growing debate in the United States. There are some who say too much praise will give kids a false sense of reality, an inflated ego, or a pride complex.

Top 7 Potty Training Mistakes

So you think you're little one is ready to potty train? If she's been waking up dry in the morning, or has expressed an interest in the potty, or informs you when her diaper is dirty...

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Due Date Club of March 2016

Our Facebook Announcement(s)!

We finally got them done! With my DH traveling all the time, it was hard to get it done, but we fin...

Due Date Club of April 2016

saying goodbye and wishing you all the best

I miscarried my baby this last weekend. Hemorrhaged at home and ended up in the ER with an emergency...

JustMommies Welcome Center

Looking to reach out to other moms

Hey, my name is Danielle. I just started a new Youtube channel (Cherry Bomb Mom). I am looking to co...

Baby Name Games

New Generation Caf 3

The grandkids now have kids. Roll the 6 sided dice, flip for genders. Last names are your choice....

Trying to Conceive

10dpo *update in post 53* m/c mentioned :(

So I have a confession, I tested yesterday and got super squinters on all of the early results tests...

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