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Alphabet hopscotch – BrookeLeiberman
November 6 10:33am

The Short List – Smacksy
November 5 10:10am

Civics – Smacksy
November 4 10:06am

~Bedroom Updo~ – BrookeLeiberman
November 3 10:04am

Sillies – Smacksy
November 2 10:01am

Butternut Squash and Black Bean Enchilada Skillet – sweet.hun
November 1 8:59am

Priorities – Smacksy
October 27 11:29am

The Smell of Pumpkin – sweet.hun
October 25 11:23am

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October 2013 Playroom

Disposable diaper help!!

Ok, so I usually use cloth on my girls, but Vivian currently has a really horrible rash that won't g...

Due Date Club of January 2015

Simply overwhelmed, need help from BTDT Moms

This isn't my first baby, but things have definitely changed over the last 20 years, so I am in need...

Due Date Club of February 2015

My Baby Shower Was Today..

I just got home and I am SO tired, but so so grateful. I got most of what I still needed, I just ne...

Due Date Club of January 2015

I just realized...

that the baby on my ticker turned upside down this week, lol! Too funny! :lol:...

October 2013 Playroom


You cross stitch right? Look at this super cute fairy pattern free :)...

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