Charting your BBT (Basal Body Temperature) - Page 2

Other things to look for on your BBT chart.

You may want to draw a coverline on your chart. This is not something that you have to do but it will help you see if your chart has two phases (is biphasic). The easiest method for drawing a coverline is the three over six method. To draw a coverline using this method, look at the six days before you ovulate. Take the highest temperature during these six days and draw a horizontal line 1/10th of a degree higher than your highest temperature. Notice how the temperatures before ovulation are lower temperatures and the temperatures after ovulation are higher temperatures? This is typical of a normal biphasic chart.

After ovulation your temperatures should stay above the coverline for at least twelve days. If your temperatures fall below your coverline this may be an indication of a short luteal phase or a luteal phase defect.

Another thing many charting women look for are signs that they are pregnant. If your temperature remains high for eighteen days after ovulation, this could be an indication of pregnancy. You may also see a third rise in temperature occuring about seven to ten days after ovulation. This is called a triphasic chart. Sometimes this can be a seen with pregnancy but it is not a definite sign. Women can have triphasic charts and not be pregnant.

If you have charted your cycle for several cycles and have not acheived pregnancy or are concerned, consult your doctor. Bring your charts with you as they will be helpful in determining if there are any problems.

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