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OV Watch

The OV Watch is another high tech fertility gadget.  The watch is easy to use, no need to remember to take a urine test or check your saliva.  You simply where the watch while you sleep starting on the first, second, or third day of your menstrual cycle.  The OV Watch tells the woman when she is fertile by counting down the days to ovulation.  The first fertile day will be displayed on the watch as “Fertile Day 1”, followed by “Fertile Day 2” until it gets to “Fertile Day 4.”  The fertile days indicate the days leading up to ovulation when a woman is fertile, but not ovulating.  On the day she ovulates the watch will display a notice that says “Ov Day 1”, after that it will show one additional fertile day “Less Fertile Day 1.” 

Unlike the other fertility gadgets that collect urine or saliva, the OV Watch determines a woman’s fertility based on salt levels in her sweat.  Researchers have found that a woman’s salt levels fluctuate throughout her fertility cycle in response to her changing hormone levels.  According to the company’s website, chloride levels surge three days before there is a surge in estrogen, making the OV Watch capable of detecting ovulation sooner than estrogen or LH based fertility monitors.

Optimus Petit Sophia Fertility Monitor

The Optimus Petit Sophia Fertility Monitor is an inexpensive way to keep track of your fertility.  It is basically a high-tech basal body thermometer.  Ordinarily, using the basal body temperature method for fertility monitoring requires a woman to take her temperature, record it on a chart, and interpret the data on the chart.  The Optimus Petit Sophia Fertility Monitor makes fertility charting easy.  It has a built in alarm, making it convenient and portable.  Like the other fertility monitors, it stores your personal information and identifies fertile days.  The price is right for this fertility monitor, but like most temperature methods of predicting ovulation, it is better at indicating when ovulation has taken place than predicting it in advance.  Still, if you want to improve your chances of getting pregnant and don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Optimus Petit Sophia Fertility Monitor may be the way to go!

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