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Body Parts – Preschool Theme

Teach your preschooler his body parts with our “body parts” preschool theme.  This preschool theme is geared towards kids aged 2-4, but the body part labeling could be done with older children.  Use our theme as a guide to teach your child his body parts.  We have included recommended books to read to your child as well as printables and activities.



Suggested Reading:

Suggested Activities:

  • Discuss the human body with your preschooler.  As you talk about each part of the body, have your preschooler describe the functions of each part of the body.  For example, ask him what his ears do?  Do they help you smell, taste or hear?
  • Do the hokey-pokey dance with your preschooler.  This is a great way for your preschooler to learn about his body parts and have a little fun in the process.
  • Compare the human body to different animals.  How many legs does a human have?  What about a spider?  Or an elephant?  Discuss the similarities and differences between different animals and humans.
  • Make a paper plate face.  Have your preschooler create a face out of a paper plate.  You can glue yarn to the plate to create hair for the face, buttons for eyes, and pipe cleaners or colored construction paper for the mouth or eye brows.
  • Have your preschooler look at family pictures.  Talk about how humans inherit features from their parents.  Each parent passes on a part of himself or herself to their children.  Talk about which features your preschooler inherited from his mom or dad or which features his mom or dad inherited from his grandmother or grandfather.
  • Talk about how to take care of your body.  Discuss what kind of things people can do to take care of their body.  Some topics to bring up:  taking a bath, teeth brushing, eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, exercising, or seeing the doctor for check-ups.

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