Clomid and Twins: What are your chances of having twins if you take Clomid?

Almost everyone has heard of Clomid.  It is one of the most commonly prescribed fertility medications and it has a great reputation for increasing a woman’s fertility.  In fact, it has such a great reputation for boosting fertility that many women assume that taking Clomid will greatly increase your chances of having twins.  While it certainly can increase your odds of having twins, the odds of having twins even when taking Clomid are still somewhat small.

Why does Clomid increase your chances of having twins?

To understand why Clomid increases your chances of having twins, it is helpful to know how Clomid works.  Clomid works by blocking estrogen receptors in your brain.  Estrogen is one hormone involved in the ovulation process.  During the first part of your menstrual cycle, your estrogen levels are low.  Ordinarily, eggs begin to mature during this time and when this happens they produce estrogen.  Estrogen levels increase as the eggs mature and eventually your estrogen levels reach a point that signals your body to produce another hormone known as LH.  A surge in LH is what ultimately triggers ovulation.

Clomid is similar to estrogen in its make-up.  The receptor cells in your brain think that Clomid is estrogen which allows the Clomid to attach to the receptor cells.  When Clomid attaches to the receptor cells, it keeps your own estrogen from attaching to the cells.  This causes your body to think that you are not making enough estrogen.  When estrogen levels are low, your body responds by making other hormones that help nurture and mature the follicles that are growing in your ovaries.  Why?  Because the follicles are what produce estrogen and your body wants your estrogen levels to increase.  Your body thinks your follicles are not producing enough estrogen so it starts producing more of the hormones that help the follicles mature so that they will start producing more estrogen.

The reason that Clomid increases your chances of having twins is fairly easy to understand.  Your body is producing extra hormones to help your follicles grow and mature, thus increasing your estrogen levels.  When this happens, a woman may have so much extra stimulation and nurturing that she produces more than one mature egg.  If more than one egg is released during ovulation and both eggs are fertilized, twins will result.  In most cases, Clomid twins are fraternal because they are the result of two different eggs.

What are the chances of having twins while taking Clomid?

You have about a 1-3 percent chance of conceiving twins naturally.  Clomid does increase your chances of having twins, but not as much as you might think.  You have about an 8 percent chance of conceiving twins while taking Clomid.  For couples that have faced infertility though, the increased chance of having twins might a huge concern; actually, they might even see it as an added bonus.

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