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Fairy Costume

Supplies needed for fairy headband:

  • pink flowers (that are 3D)
  • pink sheer ribbon with wire
  • round headband (halo-like)
  • craft glue
  • scissors

How to make fairy headband

1- Wrap the headband with the wire.Tie a bow and leave tails of 12 inches.

2- If the flowers came on stems,you need to pull them off.Be careful not to cut off the entire green part that holds the flower intact.

3-Now start in the middle and work your way around,glue on the flowers with the craft glue over the ribbon.

4-You may have to glue some, let them dry then glue some more. Since it it round it is easier to prop up.Then start gluing.

5- Let completely dry.

Supplies needed for fairy wand:

  • 12 inch dowel
  • silver spray paint
  • silver glitter
  • wood star
  • pink ribbon-2 feet
  • craft glue

How to make fairy wand

1- Spray the dowel silver.Let dry.

2- Put glue over the entire star. Sprinkle with silver glitter.Let dry.

3- When the star is dry turn over and do the other side.

4- Take the dowel and make a V shape in one end.

5-Now glue the star into the V shape.
Let dry over night.

Supplies needed for fairy wings

  • 2 pink flower buttons
  • armature wire
  • scissors
  • clear thread
  • needle
  • craft glue(that is for all materials)
  • pink tulle ( 2yards)
  • pink fur boa
  • pink ribbon

How to make fairy wings

1- Bend the wire into a B shape.with one end fatter than the other.Cut where it meets and glue. Repeat for the other wing .Make sure to the wings match in size.

2-With two layers of the tulle wrap the wing .Trim about an inch around.Now take the clear thread and sew the tulle onto the wire tightly. Repeat for other wing.You will actually have 4 layers of tulle.

3- To attach the wings together cut a 4 inch strip of ribbon. Also cut a strip of ribbon that is long enough to wrap around the waist and back.

4-Take a flower button, lay near the end of the 4 inch strip and sew in place. Do for other side as well.

5- Lay the waist strip of ribbon on the table,lay the wings on top. Now lay the button strip on the wings. Position them to where you have a gap between the wings,around 2 inches.

6- Picking up one wing and both ribbons,you are going to sew this in place using the button to help secure the thread. Repeat for other wing.make sure you keep the gap space.

7- Trim the boa to fit each wing. Glue along the metal edge and place the boa on.Let dry completely.

About the author: Michelle Waite is a wife and mom of two boys. She enjoys making crafts and has written many crafting articles online.

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