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When can I try to get pregnant again?

Most doctors recommend waiting for at least one complete cycle before trying to conceive again. Although medically it is generally safe to conceive after one cycle a woman should wait until she is physically and mentally ready. Always discuss with your doctor what is best for your situation. If you have had more than one miscarriage you may want to discuss testing/treatment options before you try to conceive again.

Should I have tests done after having a miscarriage?

If this is your first miscarriage most doctors will not run any tests for a miscarriage occurring in your first trimester. Most doctors will not run tests until you have had three or more miscarriages. However, many doctors are being more aggressive in the treatment of miscarriage and may test after two miscarriages. You will want to discuss your concerns with your health care provider.

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I have a question. In late February of this year I found out that I was expecting. This was on a Friday. Well I mad an appt to see the doctor for Tuesda  ...

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