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What if You Are Having an Unplanned Pregnancy?

Well, you weren’t planning this but you are really excited about your pregnancy. You may be worried about how to tell your partner. How is he going to react?

Here are a few tips on telling your partner about an unplanned pregnancy.

  • You may want to decide how you feel about your pregnancy before you discuss things with your partner.
  • Talk to someone you can trust first; a friend, counselor, minister, or family member. Find someone that you know will be supportive of your decisions.
  • Tell him when you are ready. Some moms use the “let’s get this over with” approach and other moms wait until they are feeling more confident.
  • If you think he is going to be unhappy with the pregnancy, it will probably not be easy to talk to him about it no matter how you approach it. Prepare yourself for his reaction and when you are ready just tell him.
  • Find support from other moms who are having an unplanned pregnancy on our message boards.

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By MrsLupiya on 09/05/12 at 3:02 am

I just found out I'm pregnant, I'm so excited I can't even explain it, daddy is nervous and thinking about ways to save money as we just got married a m  ...

By Adaoraizukanne on 07/24/12 at 12:54 am

I just found out am pregnant, daddy isnt here to share in the joy of this news, thinking of a way to surprise him. Any ideas?

By BossLadiiLea92 on 07/13/12 at 9:07 am

I have been discharging fotr the past few days and i just took a home pregnancy test and it said negative what am i to do

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