Homemade Birth Announcements: Make Your Own Birth Announcements

What better way to announce the birth of your new baby than to make hand decorated birth announcements. These are easy to make and will make your birth announcement special. We have provided a few birth announcement templates for you to print out and decorate.

Supplies needed:

  • printer
  • glossy photo paper
  • wallet size photos
  • buttons, lace, or stickers
  • Adhesive tape or acid free glue stick
  • scissors and/or paper cutter

Print out birth announcement template on glossy photo paper. Trim off excess white edges with scissors or paper cutter.

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Then print out matching colored paper on glossy photo paper.
(or you can purchase coordinating card stock paper)

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Place colored paper back into your printer colored side down. Then open up your word processing program and type out your baby’s name and birth stats. You can select different fonts to spruce up your design. You can just copy and paste it until you have your baby’s name and birth stats on the page about four or five times. Then print your baby’s name on the colored paper.

Cut out baby’s name and birth stats and glue it to the announcement. Glue baby’s photo to the announcement and add decorations of your choice.

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