9 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Week by Week

Wow. You’ve made it to nine weeks Now that you are a little further into your pregnancy, you may be feeling a little more pregnant. Morning sickness, fatigue, and those infamous pregnancy hormones may be taking their toll on your normal disposition. Mood swings are very common during pregnancy. In this week’s newsletter we are going to talk about mood swings and how to handle them. We are also going to give you some funny comebacks for annoying things people might be saying to you. We hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter.

What is going on with mom & baby

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Baby: Baby’s crown to rump length is 20 mm (about the size of a green olive). Baby weighs about 2 grams. Your baby’s muscles in her trunk, limbs, and head are developing. You may be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat with a doppler now.

Mom: You may be feeling more emotional and moody. You may still be having problems with morning sickness or headaches. If you are having problems with headaches, you can try using a warm or cold compress to help relieve symptoms. If you are not still not feeling very pregnant, don’t worry. Some women only feel mild pregnancy symptoms during the first few weeks.

This week’s Pregnancy Checklist

  Find a large mug and fill it with water to sip during the day.
  Consider reading up on cord blood banking information.
  Make a scrapbook page or journal entry with any ultrasound photos or belly pictures.
  Purchase a baby name book.
  Check your bathroom or bathtub for slipping hazzards.
  Read over any handouts your doctor’s office has given you.

Mood Swings During Pregnancy

Mood swings are very common during pregnancy. You may find yourself shedding tears over commercials or flying into a rage over misplaced keys. That’s okay. You’re pregnant, right? Doesn’t that entitle you to a get-out-of-everything-free card? Okay, maybe not. So is there anything you can do to keep the mood swings at bay.

Rest as much as you can - Being tired will make anyone grouchy and if you are carrying around a couple of smidgens of those extra special pregnancy hormones, well, people may just want to steer clear of you. Get a good night’s sleep or take a nap whenever you can.

Do something that relaxes you- Does watching television or reading a good book help you relax? If it does then do it If you are feeling moody, grumpy or about to lose control, take a few minutes to do something for yourself.

Talk to someone- Call a girlfriend or your mom. Sometimes all you need is a little pep talk to make it through the day. If you are feeling overwhelmed, schedule a lunch date with a good friend or do something else to take your mind off of things.

Spend some cuddle time with your partner - Are your raging hormones taking a toll on your relationship? Does your partner think you are carrying Rosemary’s baby? Pregnancy stresses can create a strain on your relationship. Make some time to cuddle and reconnect with your partner. Hopefully, you will find yourself feeling less moody, anxious and irritable with a little bit of TLC and cuddle time.

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By MindyKana on 10/19/13 at 1:59 pm

I also recommend the PREGNANCY MIRACLE GUIDE as an EXCELLENT week-by-week pregnancy resource!

By momE2Bnjune on 11/18/11 at 8:21 pm

Those are too funny! I am definitely going to have to use some. I had someone do the whole, "You know you shouldn't do that when you are pregnant, right  ...

By momma20 on 10/19/11 at 7:48 pm

I had a old lady ask me if I knew I was pregnant when I was about 7.5 months lol, I was like "No, I just swalowed a watermellon whole."

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