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Annoying Things People Say When You are Pregnant

At some point in your pregnancy, somebody is sure to say something to annoy you. It may be the little lady checking out your groceries or your husband’s best bud from high school, but sooner or later you will probably hear something from our annoying things people say list.

Annoying things people say and some comical responses that you might, but probably shouldn’t, say.

"Was your pregnancy planned?”  Now we are going to assume that your pregnancy was planned, but in the event that it wasn’t, we think this still falls in the annoying things category.

Possible responses:

“Yes, we are just so good at having sex that we thought we’d try to do something with our talents” or “Of course And why did you want to know?” This one usually stops them in their tracks.

”You know you’re not supposed to... eat that, drink that, do this.... when your pregnant?”

Possible responses:

Response number one: “You know what happens to people that annoy pregnant women don’t you?”

Or number two: “I think I am confused. Somehow I thought that I was the one that was pregnant, but maybe I had me confused with somebody else?”

”Can I touch your belly?” We haven’t figured out why complete strangers think it’s a good idea to touch a pregnant woman’s belly but they do. The more strange the person is the higher the chance she will want to touch your belly, make psychic predictions, or just plain creep you out.

Possible responses:

What do you say, here is a simple but effective one. “Uh, no”. If that doesn’t work and it probably will, you can try “No, I’d rather not but would it be okay if I touched your belly. Ever since I got pregnant, I just love touching complete strangers bellies. I don’t know why.”

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By MindyKana on 10/19/13 at 1:59 pm

I also recommend the PREGNANCY MIRACLE GUIDE as an EXCELLENT week-by-week pregnancy resource!

By momE2Bnjune on 11/18/11 at 8:21 pm

Those are too funny! I am definitely going to have to use some. I had someone do the whole, "You know you shouldn't do that when you are pregnant, right  ...

By momma20 on 10/19/11 at 7:48 pm

I had a old lady ask me if I knew I was pregnant when I was about 7.5 months lol, I was like "No, I just swalowed a watermellon whole."

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