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Top Seven Things Couples Fight About When Picking Out a Baby Name

Tradition - He wants the baby to be named David Isaac the third and you don’t.

Boring names vs. unique names - Every name he wants sounds soooo boring to you and you want something unique and original.

We don’t have to pick one yet - You want to settle on a name and he just doesn’t want to make a final decision on the name any time soon.

Grandma or Grandpa really likes this name - Oh that is a really sweet suggestion but not for my kid.

In memory of name - You are getting pressure to name your baby after a loved one and you don’t like the name.

Yuck, yuck, yuck - You hate it, hate it, hate it And he just thinks it is the coolest name ever for a kid.

Association name game - Every name you pick makes him think of something. You like the name Wendy, he thinks of the restaurant. You like the name Regan, he thinks of the Excorcist.

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