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Printing Your Digital Scrapbook Page

Now that you have finished your scrapbook page, how do you print it? You can print it on your home printer, upload it to an online photo lab and print it, or have it printed professionally at a print shop.

How do I save my digital scrapbook pages?

You should save your file as a layered file first (psd file for Photoshop or psp file for Paint Shop Pro). You may need to edit your scrapbook page later so saving it in layers allows for that. Once you have your file saved, you need to find out what format is best for the printing method you will be using. If you are uploading your file to a photo lab, you will want to save it in a JPEG format. If you are printing from home you can use whichever format is compatible with your printer. JPEGs or pdfs are great for printing at home. You will need to see which file format your print shop prefers if you are uploading it to be printed professionally but TIFF files are the standard file format used in the printing industry.

Comparison of different graphic files

JPEG (.jpg) GIF TIFF (.tif) PNG (.png)
Joint Photographic Experts Group Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) Tag Image File Format Portable Network Graphics
Loses quality every time it is saved or edited. Does not lose quality when saved or edited. Best quality for printing. Image quality is comparable to TIFF
Small file size Small file size Large file size Large file size
Can not be saved as a transparent file Can be saved as transparent file Can be saved as a transparent file (some programs do not support transparency) Can be saved as transparent file
Can be used on the web or print Best used for web, does not print well Can not be used on the web, best for print Can be used on the web or print
Supported by most programs and browsers Supported by most programs and browsers Not supported by all programs Not supported by all programs and browsers
Supports CMYK color Does not support CMYK color Supports CMYK color Does not support CMYK color

Once you decide on which format is best, you can save your work and print it. If you would like to upload add your scrapbook to an online website saving in a JPEG format would be best.

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