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Staying Romantic When You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy can sometimes create extra stress in a relationship. Your partner may start feeling neglected when bedtime rolls around and you would prefer sleeping to cuddling. Just because you are pregnant, this doesn’t mean that things in the romance department need to come to an end. If you are finding your love life starting to fade off into a distant memory, you can try some of our tips for staying romantic during pregnancy.

A romantic candle lit dinner - This sounds very simple and it is. Light some candles, prepare a nice dinner (or have some delivered), put on some soft music, and have a dinner for two.

Back or foot massage - A body massage is great for relaxing, reconnecting with your partner, and relieving stress. Ask your partner for a massage or offer one in return, even if it is just for a few minutes.

Go out on a date - When was the last time you and your partner went on a date? Go out to the movies or to your favorite restaurant. Dress up, put on jewelry, wear make up or do something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Have a picnic or take a nature walk - Do something fun for you and your partner. Bring along a blanket to throw on the ground. You can get really creative with this or just do something simple. The biggest thing about your picnic or nature walk is that you and your partner are spending time together.

Star gazing - Plan a night of star gazing. Take binoculars and a blanket outside and watch the stars. You can spend the evening talking about your relationship and dreams for the future.

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I think it's a wonderful article about the 12th week, but a bit short. Here is another one, with signs & symptoms, nutrition tips, baby scans and so  ...

By adelahorn3 on 06/29/16 at 12:48 pm

[URL=http://motherhow.com/3-months-pregnant/]At 3 months pregnant,[/URL] the morning sickness may be beginning to wane and your energy may start to come  ...

By abeykelly on 01/20/16 at 10:42 pm

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