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Making Your Own Birth Announcements

If you are really creative you may want to try making your own birth announcements. We would recommend making a couple practice birth announcements before your baby arrives. 

Paper craft announcements:

With a little creativity you can design your own paper birth announcements. Go to any scrapbook supply store and you can select papers and embellishments to design your own birth announcements. Hand made birth announcements are always a big hit

Computer designed birth announcements:

There are many programs you can use to design birth announcements. Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro are the most popular programs but there are many others. You can purchase either program for under a hundred dollars and they are both fairly easy to use.

What to include in your birth announcement:

Your birth announcement is your way to tell the world about your new baby. Things you want to include in your birth announcement are: baby’s full name, date of birth, time of birth, weight and length at birth, and mom and dad’s name. You may want to include a brief story of baby’s birth with your birth announcement.

Envelopes and embellishments:

If you create your own birth announcement, you may want to purchase specialty envelopes to mail them in. You can add a wallet size photo of your baby or send photocopies of your baby’s birth announcement from the local newspaper.

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