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Belly Casting Party Ideas

If you would like to do something fun with your friends while you have your belly cast, have a belly casting party. Belly casting parties can be simple get-togethers with your friends or you can have a baby or mom theme party with games and prizes. Here are some party games and ideas that you might find fun to do at your belly casting party.

The Newly mom game:

Write out a bunch of parenting or baby related questions. Have mom write out her answers on paper. Then have everyone try to guess what her answers were. This game is played like “The Newlywed Game”. You can keep points and give out prizes or just play for fun.

Matching game:

Fill a basket up with mismatched baby socks. Then give each guest 20 seconds to match as many socks as she can. The one who matches up the most baby socks wins.

Mommy Pictionary:

Purchase blank note cards and write different baby and mommy words on the cards, such as diapers, pacifiers, or due date. Divide the guests into teams and take turns drawing the words on paper. Have the guests try to guess what is drawn.

Belly Cast Signing:

At the end of your belly casting party have everyone sign the inside of your cast. The outside of the cast should be left to dry and can be decorated after your party.

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