Inhabitots on JustMommies: Squeaky Clean and Green Bathtime Fun for Babies And Tots

By Inhabitots

Every parent knows that a child's bath time ritual means more than just getting clean. There's also plenty of fun to be had while soaking in the suds, with well-designed bath toys that are engaging, entertaining and eco-friendly. Here are some of our top picks of non-toxic tub toys that will keep your kiddo happily occupied while you get him squeaky clean.

A modern spin on the classic rubber ducky, Boon's Odd Ducks really float our boat. Vibrant and hip, they're just begging to be squeezed til your tot's heart is content. Boon also makes a sweet set of interchangeable creatures via their bath toy cup set. Little ones may mix and match the cups to create myriad kinds of colorful sea creatures. Or let baby hone his fine motor skills with Boon's 'Scrubble' interchangeable bath squirters -- screwing lids on and off and then squeezing water out of the lids' holes.

Kids will be immersed in the art of filling, pouring and stacking Skip Hop's Dunck bath toys. These colorful duck-shaped cups also float on the water like their real counterparts. Skip Hop also offers a cool octopus ring toss that encourages hand-eye coordination while really upping the ante of tub time play.

For newborns who haven't mastered the art of water play but may want a toy to grasp while unwinding in the bath, Hevea's natural rubber bath toysmake the perfect companions. The squishy duck, frog and fish will help anchor baby while she gets acclimated to tub time.

Put an island of enjoyment in the tub with Skip Hop's Turtle Island playset, which seamlessly transitions to dry land in the playroom for double the pleasure. Complete with three squirting turtles, this floating pad is where the party is at.

Why not get down to learning during a nice, long soak? SugarBooger's shapes, numbers, letters and colors bath toys are comprised of a non-absorbent and non-toxic material that resists mold and mildew and sticks to the tub or shower wall when wet. Class is in session!

Under the Nile's wash cloth puppets offer a perfect solution and distraction for parent's tending to bath-reluctant tots. The cute critters, including a lovable duck and frog can be slipped on your hand, soaped-up and used to wash and entertain simultaneously.

And aside from fun and games, we all know that tub safety is crucial for wee ones. Here are 6 eco-friendly ways to keep kids safe during bath time.

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