Baby Spitting Up: When Should You Worry? - Page 2

By Nancy Da Silva

Some other reasons for too much spitting up may include breast feeding during a growth spurt your baby is experiencing. If he’s taking in more milk than usual, he’ll obviously get fuller quicker and while he may feel he needs more nutrients because of his growth spurt making him hungrier, his stomach may not be able to handle the extra intake and he’ll spit up more. This may also happen because he’s taking in more air as well. To help your baby digest the higher intake, aim for more frequent short feedings as opposed to long stretches of feedings.

Another cause may be when he’s teething. At this time, babies generate more saliva and they swallow more saliva, causing them to spit up more.

Avoid jostling your baby too much as your feeding him as this causes him to lose his grip on your nipple or the nipple on the bottle, resulting in him swallowing too much air.

So while all this excessive spitting up may play havoc on your laundry, rest assured that as long as your baby is gaining weight at a normal rate and isn’t in any pain, chances are pretty good that stocking up on bibs and keeping extra clothes on standby every where you go will be the only things you need to worry about.

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By MelissaP on 04/16/11 at 7:22 pm

Does anyone on here have experience with an infant with a Hiatal Hernia? Or has your infant undergone surgery for this?

Here is a little backgrou  ...

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