Beginner's Guide to Exclusive Pumping - Page 2

Power pumping, tips for increasing your supply, and other tips

One of the best ways to increase your milk production is to pump more frequently.  If you are not producing enough milk for your baby or are struggling to keep up with his needs, the first thing you can try is pumping more frequently.  Frequency is more important than how long you pump.  So, try upping your pumping sessions to every two hours until you see an increase in output. 

Here are some other tips.

  • Power pumping:  Breast milk production works on supply and demand.  Power pumping is one way you can increase your milk supply.  Pick a time when you will be able to relax and pump frequently.  Spend about an hour a day pumping for ten minutes then resting for ten minutes, so that you pump around 3 to 4 times with ten minute intervals of rest in between.  Power pump for around an hour a day for a few days in a row or until you notice an increase in output.  Power pumping is similar to what your body would experience during a cluster feeding or growth spurt, and may help improve your milk supply.  Try power pumping in the morning as milk production is often greater in the morning.
  • Try using galactagogues.  Galactagogues are herbs and foods that can increase your milk supply.
  • Drink plenty of water.  Drinking a large cup of water an hour or so before you pump can help you to be better hydrated and to pump more milk.
  • Try breast massage and compression.  Before you begin to pump, massage your breasts and roll your nipples with your fingers.  This will help to stimulate a let down.  If your milk flow slows down during pumping, take a quick break and massage your breasts and nipples until they feel tingly.  Then pump again.
  • Store your breast shields in the refrigerator between use.  This way you can just wash them at the end of the day.

For more tips and advice on pumping visit JustMommmies Pumping Mommies message board.

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