Breast Milk: It's Not Just for Babies - Ideas from Inhabitots

By Inhabitots

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, which is August 1st-August 7th, we're taking a look at some zany concoctions and creative uses for breast milk that go way beyond nursing baby.

Behold these 10 foods that are made from breast milk. From mushroom risotto to lasagna, the liquid gold goes gourmet.

Remember The Lady Cheese Shop art exhibit in NYC that served human breast milk cheese to curious Manhattanites? Inhabitots was on the scene to get people's reactions and opinions with regard to eating cheese made from human milk. Watch our video to witness the array of responses.

All across the globe, chefs and restaurants have tried to add items made from breast milk to their menu for all to enjoy. Chef Daniel Angerer's Mommy's Milk Cheese was whipped up from a batch of his wife's breast milk and offered to his restaurant patrons at KLEE Brasserie. He even shared his cutting-edge recipe, which you can find here if you'd like to make your own at home. Would you eat cheese made from breast milk? We're curious... so cast your vote here.

Who could forget London restaurant Icecreamists flavor of the week, Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream? But the idea melted into oblivion when the cool treat was quickly banned by health and safety officials over fears that it could contain hepatitis or other viruses associated with consuming other people’s bodily fluids. And Lady Gaga herself threatened to sue Icecreamists with regard to using her name and likeness -- as the dessert was an entire culinary experience served-up by a Lady Gaga impersonator!

Looking for a more tame way to use breast milk for purposes other than feeding baby? Suds up with breast milk soap in the tub. We show you all you need to know about breast milk bar soap here.

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