Burping Your Baby - Page 2

By Nancy Da Silva

Try keeping your baby upright for at least fifteen minutes after feeding him to help digestion and help to keep him from spitting up. You may find this helps especially if you’re baby is diagnosed with having GERD.

Sometimes your baby may have trouble sleeping because of trapped gas, even if it’s been a long time since his last feeding and regardless of if you burped him after feeding. If you notice him fussing and crying in the middle of the night, you may find that holding him and burping him will considerably relieve his discomfort.

You may find that as your baby gets older, it takes you longer to burp him. In most cases you’ll find that there’s no cause for worry. This usually means that he’s now learning how to relieve himself of any extra gas and not swallow so much air during feedings so he doesn’t need you to burp him as often. You’ll find that he might be sitting around and suddenly let out a belch that seems overly loud for such a small person. He might spit up on himself without you burping him as well so make sure you keep the bib handy around his neck for a while after he’s done feeding.

Some babies burp so softly that you have to tune your ear to hear them, while others let out impressive belches, just like some adults I know. Rest assured your baby will help you figure out what seems like an easy task, but could sometimes end up being more difficult situation. Babies are not shy about letting you know when they are not happy campers. There’s no right way or wrong way to burp your baby. There’s just the way that you’ve discovered is best for him.


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