Eco Dental Care Tips For Tots, And Preparing For The Tooth Fairy

By Inhabitots

We all know what hard work it is for baby to sprout those teeth, and we have some eco dental care tips to keep your tot's pearly whites shining bright. Start with a BPA-free toothbrush. Here are five eco-friendly, non-toxic toothbrushes for tots that we're keen on. For baby's very first toothbrush, reach for Kushies soft and gentle, easy to use 100% silicone toothbrush made especially to brush the tiniest teeth. Jack n' Jill also offers delightful natural toothpaste in enticing flavors including banana, blueberry, strawberry, black currant and raspberry, as well as BPA-free toothbrushes. If your little one is picky about toothpaste, check out our toothpaste taste test to get an idea of what some of the top brands on the market taste like from a kid's perspective. Once your kiddo heads to the dentist, keep in mind the following: regularly scheduled dental X-rays have been linked to brain tumors, so discuss an alternative schedule with your dentist. Also, dental sealants contain BPA, which is linked to behavioral and emotional problems in kids -- so learn how to limit your exposure to BPA. And once the tooth fairy is ready to visit your child, be prepared with an official tooth fairy kit, and either a sweet turtle tooth fairy box or a wool felt tooth guardian angel to house your child's precious first lost tooth!

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