Eco-Friendly Baby Bibs That Make A Stylish Statement

By Inhabitots

Between the teething, the reflux, the drooling and the spit-up, babies are literal fountains of youth. Bibs are required accessories for keeping the endless dribbling at bay, providing a barrier between babe's lunch and her fabulous outfit that lies beneath. But some babies wear bibs so frequently that they need the quintessential gear to be a fashion statement in and of itself. Here are some of our favorite bibs that will help you keep up with the drool and the Joneses. Who knew soft cork was such an ingenious material for stopping spills from soaking through? Anglophiles can feed their obsession with this bib which features a map of the London underground. These handmade baby bibs have a vintage vibe and they're made from recycled hemp, organic cotton and cotton waffle terry. One mom created a line of adorable bibs that look like T-shirts, for babes who are destined to wear a bib all day long. Star Trek fans will dig this bib which is part of an Enterprise feeding system. Make it an ensemble and pair one of these fun bibs with a pair of matching shoes. Cocoboheme's baby bibs are biodegradable -- a nice option for on-the-go dining. Make an eco statement with these waterproof bibs which are upcycled from plastic bags.

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