Green Spring Fashion For Babies, Girls & Boys

By Inhabitots

The snow may still be falling in your hometown, but spring will be here before you know it. Outdoor adventures, Easter egg hunts, picnics in the park and enjoying nature are all hallmarks of the season -- as is the shedding of winter coats and the dawn of spring fashion. For Easter and other spring celebrations that require some flair, opt for an adorable handmade vintage bow tie for your dapper little dude. Somebubby's baby tie and bow tie onesie ensembles will also have your son looking smart, while staying comfortable. Kindred turns treasured garments into one-of-a-kind children's clothing -- to create a bespoke outfit to be cherished. If you're looking for the perfect spring dress for your little lady, we've rounded up 8 eco-friendly, fabulous frocks that will delight her. Spring weather (aside from April showers!) means more time in the sunshine, so turn a T-shirt into a baby hat via this crafty tutorial. If you'd like to outfit your kids in organic clothing, but you're not sure where to find great styles, check out these 8 organic clothing brands we love for boys, and these 8 organic clothing brands we love for girls. Everyone needs a great pair of jeans -- from babies to big kids! Green Gamboni organic denim was created by a mom and the collection is designed especially to provide the perfect fit for kiddos. And we can't forget the cozy pajamas at the end of a long day! Check out Skylar Luna's sleepwear collection to send kids off to dreamland in style.

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By jeffmccoy on 01/19/16 at 10:52 pm

Great. It's good to go Green...Spring Station..Green Living's spring fashion picks are both stylish and sustainable..Thanks for sharing with us!

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