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By Inhabitots

If your little one is used to being your one and only, it will require some tender loving care to prepare your son or daughter to be a big brother or sister. While bringing home baby will be a joyful and momentous occasion for your family, it will also be a transition into a new, altered way of life and it will cause a shift in your family dynamic.

One of the best ways for children to learn and understand life situations is through role-playing, which is why dolls are such great teaching tools. These gorgeous, handmademother/baby breastfeeding and birthing dolls will help your child understand how baby is born, and how mom will be nursing her to feed her. Other doll selections in this vein include these natural cotton and wool birthing dolls, and these VBAC baby dolls, if you feel your child is old enough to comprehend the message they impart about this type of delivery.

On the topic of delivery, if you're hiring a birth doula, this felt doula play set will help your child understand some of the care you'll be receiving during labor. If you'll be practicing babywearing with your new babe, your big kid can feel included alongside you with his very own organic sleepy bear, which promotes the healthy bonding ritual of babywearing. This Jill doll and Moses basket is also a great gift for big siblings-to-be, because they can take care of and nurture their dolly while mom or dad takes care of their new baby sibling.

There are so many ways you can prepare your child for baby's arrival during the nine long months of pregnancy. Here are our 5 top tips to help older siblings cope with a new baby.

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