Non-Toxic, BPA-Free Feeding Gear for Babies & Toddlers from Inhabitots

By Inhabitots

Hardly a day goes by when we don't hear about the harmful effects of BPA. The good news for concerned parents is many companies have created BPA-free feeding gear for babies and toddlers from anthropomorphic baby bottles to cute, animal-shaped stainless steel cutlery.

For bottle-feeding, you can banish plastic altogether and opt for the totally non-toxic Kid Kanteen stainless steel baby bottle. You can also pair the shatterproof convenience of plastic with the purity of glass via the 5 Phases baby bottle, which features a glass tube insert encased in a plastic outer bottle. If you're looking for a bottle that's just like mommy, try Bittylab's BARE Air-Free baby bottle, which is designed to mimic mom's breast. When baby starts bottle feeding himself, mOmma's rocking bottles and cups weeble and wobble to entertain and delight.

When your little one graduates to solids, treat her to thinkbaby's stainless steel feeding set, or OXO's BPA-free toddler feeding collection. Star Trek fans will think this Enterprise feeding system for younguns is out of this world. If your kiddo is yearning to take mealtime matters into his own hands, equip him with this adorable, stainless steel animal friends cutlery. Tired of buying those disposable baby food pouches your tot loves to squeeze? Buy the reusable Beaba Babypote, and fill it with homemade purees instead. Once your kiddo gets a hold on drinking independently from a cup, try Siliskin's drinking glasses, which come equipped with a silicone sleeve. And if you're looking for eco-friendly feeding gear for upcoming summer travel, try Green Spouts' corn based plastic feeding gear, which is compact, light and perfect for every tot-feeding occasion from picnics to planes.

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