Warm & Cozy Organic Sleepwear And Slippers For Babies & Toddlers

By Inhabitots

One of the most enjoyable aspects of winter is getting to bundle up your tots in snuggly, adorable sleepwear and slippers to keep them cozy. Of utmost importance is to put safety first when attempting to keep babies warm -- as too much warm clothing and blankets increase the risk of SIDS. While kids are up and about, help them put their best foot forward in Sew Heart Felt's darling organic animal slippers ranging from classic bunnies to trendy foxes. Satch & Sol also offers a fantastic collection of handmade Fair Trade 100% wool slippers for babies and kids. Sleep sacks are an ideal solution for safely regulating baby's body temperature, making sure he doesn't overheat or get cold. Merino Kids all natural wool sleep sacks are available in both baby and big kid sizes. And the ErgoPouch sleep sacks also come in different weights and materials to keep kids sleeping comfortably through the night during all seasons. Lalas Pequenos organic knottie baby sleepers will not only keep babes comfy -- this savvy sleepwear also puts an easier twist on late-night diaper changes via the easy to tie and untie knot at the bottom of the pjs. Under the Nile offers a gorgeous and extensive collection of organic cotton sleepwear and baby long johns to get wee ones through the winter months. Perfect for the holidays, Hanna Andersson's organic Santa Claus pajamas are quintessential pajamas for festive tots. Sweet dreams!

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