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Offer soft finger foods baby can grasp with his fist:  Since your baby has not developed a pincer grasp yet (this skill is usually mastered around 7-11 months), he needs foods that he can clutch in his fist.  It’s easier for babies to eat foods that are spear shaped or have a handle to grab onto, like steamed broccoli spears. 

What about choking?  By this age your baby should be able to chew and swallow.  He is no more likely to choke using baby led weaning than if he had started with pureed foods first.  If your baby has developmental delays that might make grasping, chewing, or swallowing difficult, you should consult your doctor before trying baby led weaning.

Offer a variety of finger foods:  Offer your baby different textured and tasting foods.  By doing this you can hopefully avoid issues with picky eating down the road.  If your baby doesn’t like something the first time, offer it again.  Feeding experts say that it takes 12 or more exposures to a food before a baby will acquire a taste for it. 

Let your baby be:  This is your baby’s opportunity to discover new tastes and textures.  Offer the food to him, but don’t help him with it.  Let him decide which pieces of foods he wants to try and how much he wants to eat.

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