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51AudreyboyAmerican2Log In to Vote
52AtleeboyAmerican0Log In to Vote
53AudieboyAmerican0Log In to Vote
54AamirboyAmerican1Log In to Vote
55AirionneboyFree spirited.American0Log In to Vote
56AndriboyAmerican1Log In to Vote
57AntwaneboyAmerican1Log In to Vote
58AshboycoolAmerican0Log In to Vote
59AlmanzoboyIn a Laura Ingalls Wilder book it was the guys she married I LOVE the name!American0Log In to Vote
60AdenboyAmerican2Log In to Vote
61AlucardboyDracula backwards.American0Log In to Vote
62AmareboyAmerican0Log In to Vote
63AideanboyAmerican, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Irish, Welsh0Log In to Vote
64Alexsonboymixture of Alexander & SonnyAmerican, Irish1Log In to Vote
65AbimaelboyChampion, one who never gives upAmerican, Spanish0Log In to Vote
66Averyboyruler of the elvesAnglo-Saxon6Log In to Vote
67Aikenboysturdy, oakenAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
68Ansonboyson of a nobleman, son of Ann or HansAnglo-Saxon4Log In to Vote
69Alstonboyfrom the old manorAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
70Archibaldboybold princeAnglo-Saxon1Log In to Vote
71AstileboyAnglo-Saxon, French0Log In to Vote
72Alejandro boyAnglo-Saxon, Spanish0Log In to Vote
73AhmedboyArabic1Log In to Vote
74AzlaanboyArabic1Log In to Vote
75Abuboyfather ofArabic0Log In to Vote
76Ayanboygod giftArabic1Log In to Vote
77AbdelboyservantArabic0Log In to Vote
78AsaadboyArabic0Log In to Vote
79Abdulboyservant ofArabic0Log In to Vote
80Aladdinboynobility of faithArabic0Log In to Vote
81Al-aminboy the trust oneArabic0Log In to Vote
82AmirboyprinceArabic3Log In to Vote
83Alimboywise, learnedArabic0Log In to Vote
84AleserboylionArabic0Log In to Vote
85AkeemboyintelligentArabic0Log In to Vote
86AbbottboyfatherArabic, Aramaic, Hebrew0Log In to Vote
87Altairboybird, starArabic, Greek0Log In to Vote
88AliboyGod, little, the highestArabic, Native American0Log In to Vote
89AhmadboyArabic, Turkish0Log In to Vote
90ArpiarboysunnyArmenian0Log In to Vote
91ArmenboyArmenianArmenian0Log In to Vote
92Aramboyhigh placeAssyrian0Log In to Vote
93AbudemioboyAssyrian0Log In to Vote
94AsparouhboyBulgarian0Log In to Vote
95Asterixboybright lightCeltic0Log In to Vote
96Ahearnboylord of the horsesCeltic0Log In to Vote
97Altonboymiracle from aboveCeltic3Log In to Vote
98Arturoboystrong as a bearCeltic4Log In to Vote
99ArlandboypledgeCeltic2Log In to Vote
100AdalardoboynobleCeltic0Log In to Vote
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