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151Adairboynoble, exalted, oak-tree fordGaelic1Log In to Vote
152ArlenboypledgeGaelic2Log In to Vote
153AidenboyfireGaelic42Log In to Vote
154ArlynboyGaelic word meaning pledge; promise; oath.Gaelic0Log In to Vote
155Alanboyhandsome, cheerful, nobleGaelic, Celtic4Log In to Vote
156Angusboysuperb, uniqueGaelic, Celtic2Log In to Vote
157Archieboytruly brave (from the name Archibald)German3Log In to Vote
158Arnoldboyeagle, powerfulGerman1Log In to Vote
159Adalbertboyintelligent or nobleGerman0Log In to Vote
160Adalgisoboynoble hostageGerman0Log In to Vote
161Adelbertboyfamous for nobilityGerman0Log In to Vote
162Adelfriedboywho protects the descendantsGerman0Log In to Vote
163AdelinoboynobleGerman0Log In to Vote
164Adelmoboynoble protectorGerman0Log In to Vote
165Ademaroboyglorious in battleGerman0Log In to Vote
166AdlerboyeagleGerman2Log In to Vote
167Adolphboynoble wolf, noble heroGerman0Log In to Vote
168AhrenboyeagleGerman0Log In to Vote
169Alboyfrom the name AlbertGerman0Log In to Vote
170Alaricboynoble rulerGerman5Log In to Vote
171Albertboynoble and brightGerman2Log In to Vote
172Aldousboyold wealthyGerman1Log In to Vote
173AlericboyGerman1Log In to Vote
174Algerboynoble warriorGerman0Log In to Vote
175Alphonseboynoble estate, eagerGerman0Log In to Vote
176ArneboyeagleGerman0Log In to Vote
177Arnieboyeagle ruler (from the name Arnold)German, American0Log In to Vote
178Abelardboyresolute, keeper of the abbey larderGerman, English0Log In to Vote
179Ancelboydeity, servant, divine helmetGerman, French0Log In to Vote
180Aserealboy(AZ-uh-rail) means: young and honest young boyGerman, Scottish0Log In to Vote
181Ashonboyseventh-born sonGhanese0Log In to Vote
182Adebenboytwelfth-born sonGhanese0Log In to Vote
183AbacusboycalculatingGreek0Log In to Vote
184Arsenioboymanly, virileGreek0Log In to Vote
185AdelphosboybrotherGreek0Log In to Vote
186ArtemisboymoonGreek0Log In to Vote
187Admesboyson of AdamGreek0Log In to Vote
188AnkerboymanlyGreek1Log In to Vote
189AlastorboyavengerGreek0Log In to Vote
190ArsenboystrongGreek0Log In to Vote
191AlcanderboystrongGreek0Log In to Vote
192Alecboyprotector of menGreek4Log In to Vote
193Alexboyprotector of mankind (from the name Alexander)Greek7Log In to Vote
194Alexanderboyprotector of mankindGreek26Log In to Vote
195Attisboyhandsome boyGreek0Log In to Vote
196AzariahboyA Biblical name. SunlightGreek0Log In to Vote
197Andreasboystrong and manlyGreek1Log In to Vote
198Andreusboyson of river PeneiusGreek1Log In to Vote
199Andyboymanly (short for the name Andrew)Greek1Log In to Vote
200Angeloboyheavenly messengerGreek1Log In to Vote
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