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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
201Cobraboy0Log In to Vote
202Codyboyassistant, a cushion, possessionsCeltic, English23Log In to Vote
203Cogsworthboy0Log In to Vote
204Cohenboy1Log In to Vote
205Colbyboycoal townEnglish4Log In to Vote
206Coleboycoal, victory of the peopleEnglish17Log In to Vote
207Colemanboycharcoal burner, dove, peaceEnglish2Log In to Vote
208ColeyboyBeautiful and lilely name for a boy. Very lovely.0Log In to Vote
209Colinboyyouth, child, victorCeltic, Greek1Log In to Vote
210CollierboyminerEnglish0Log In to Vote
211CollinboyIrishCeltic, Irish2Log In to Vote
212CollinsboyFor boy or girl after Michael Collins Ireland's heroIrish2Log In to Vote
213ColonboydoveSpanish0Log In to Vote
214Colstonboy0Log In to Vote
215Coltboy5Log In to Vote
216Coltinboylive in a coal townEnglish2Log In to Vote
217ColtonboyAmerican, Celtic, English, Gaelic, Irish, Scottish10Log In to Vote
218ComanboynobleArabic0Log In to Vote
219ComfortboystrengthenLatin0Log In to Vote
220ConailboyAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
221ConallboyFriend of the wolfIrish1Log In to Vote
222ConanboywiseCeltic2Log In to Vote
223Concepcionboyfertile one, mother, father of nationsSpanish0Log In to Vote
224Condonboythe dark-haired wise manCeltic1Log In to Vote
225Connerboydesire, wise aid, wolf-loverCeltic4Log In to Vote
226Connorboydesire, wise aid, wolf-loverIrish16Log In to Vote
227Conradboybrave counselGerman2Log In to Vote
228Conroyboywise manIrish1Log In to Vote
229Constantineboyfaithful, firmnessLatin0Log In to Vote
230ConsueloboyconsolationSpanish0Log In to Vote
231Conwayboyriver, hound of the plainWelsh0Log In to Vote
232Cooperboycask, barrel makerLatin5Log In to Vote
233CoppolaboyfreeLatin0Log In to Vote
234Corbanboya gift devoted to GodGreek0Log In to Vote
235Corbinboyraven, black hairFrench4Log In to Vote
236Corcoranboyof reddish complexionGaelic0Log In to Vote
237Cordboy0Log In to Vote
238Cordellboysmall ropeLatin0Log In to Vote
239Coreyboyraven, from the hollowCeltic2Log In to Vote
240Corinboyfrom the cornerEnglish0Log In to Vote
241Corleyboy0Log In to Vote
242CormacboycharioteerCeltic, Gaelic0Log In to Vote
243CorneliusboyhornLatin0Log In to Vote
244CortboyboldGerman1Log In to Vote
245CorukboyA curious wonder.Scandinavian0Log In to Vote
246CorwinboyLatin0Log In to Vote
247CoryboyhollowCeltic, Gaelic2Log In to Vote
248Cosmoboyorder, universeGreek0Log In to Vote
249Cotyboyold houseEnglish0Log In to Vote
250Courtlandboythe king's land, dweller in courtEnglish1Log In to Vote
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