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101Ernestilloboyform of ErnestSpanish0Log In to Vote
102Ernestoboyeagle, vigorSpanish0Log In to Vote
103Ernieboybattler to the death; short for ErnestGerman0Log In to Vote
104Errolboya noblemanTeutonic0Log In to Vote
105Erskineboydweller of the top of the cliff, green heightsGaelic, English0Log In to Vote
106Erwinboyfriend of the seaAnglo-Saxon1Log In to Vote
107Eryxboyson of Aphrodite and PoseidonGreek2Log In to Vote
108Erzaboy Hebrew0Log In to Vote
109Esmondboyprotective graceEnglish0Log In to Vote
110Espenboygod bearScandinavian0Log In to Vote
111EsquireboyCounsel, mediatorsAmerican0Log In to Vote
112Essienboysixth-born sonAfrican0Log In to Vote
113EstebanboycrownSpanish1Log In to Vote
114EstesboyestuaryLatin0Log In to Vote
115Esubioboy0Log In to Vote
116Ethanboystrong, firm, constantHebrew, Latin35Log In to Vote
117EthelboynobleHebrew0Log In to Vote
118Etienneboyform of Estienne, Ettie, EttaFrench0Log In to Vote
119Eudorboygood giftGreek0Log In to Vote
120Eugeneboyborn luckyGreek1Log In to Vote
121Eugeniaboyborn luckyGreek0Log In to Vote
122Eugineboy0Log In to Vote
123EuridiceboyjusticeGreek0Log In to Vote
124EustaceboyfruitfulGreek0Log In to Vote
125Evanboyyoung warrior, well-bornCeltic, Greek12Log In to Vote
126Evanderboyearly founder of Rome, benevolent rulerGreek0Log In to Vote
127Evaneboyyoung warrior0Log In to Vote
128Evenboy0Log In to Vote
129Everestboyfrom Mt Everest0Log In to Vote
130Everettboywild boarNorse2Log In to Vote
131Everrittboystrong as a boarEnglish0Log In to Vote
132Evrolboy0Log In to Vote
133Evzenboyof noble birthCzech0Log In to Vote
134Ewanboywell bornGaelic2Log In to Vote
135EwingboyyouthEnglish0Log In to Vote
136Eyanboy2Log In to Vote
137Ezekielboystrength of GodHebrew7Log In to Vote
138Ezioboyfriend, loverHebrew0Log In to Vote
139Ezraboyhelper, salvationHebrew4Log In to Vote
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