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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51IsrealboySpanish0Log In to Vote
52IssacboyVery niceFrench, Native-American1Log In to Vote
53Iszackboylaughing one0Log In to Vote
54ItzakboylaughterHebrew0Log In to Vote
55Itziamarboy0Log In to Vote
56Ivanboyform of JohnRussian3Log In to Vote
57Ivantlanboycombination of Ivan, Ian, and LandonAmerican0Log In to Vote
58Ivarboyarcher, a norse GodNorwegian0Log In to Vote
59IverboyarcherScandinavian1Log In to Vote
60Ivesboylittle archerEnglish0Log In to Vote
61IveyboyEnglish0Log In to Vote
62Ivorboybowman, lordNorse, Scandinavian, Welsh1Log In to Vote
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