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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
201Ajanaegirl3Log In to Vote
202Ajaygirlunconquerable, godHindu0Log In to Vote
203Ajiagirlpronounced Asia, means young beauty1Log In to Vote
204Akaishagirlthe akaisha flowerIrish3Log In to Vote
205AkakogirlredJapanese0Log In to Vote
206Akankegirlto know her is to love herNigerian0Log In to Vote
207Akankshagirldesire, wishHindu0Log In to Vote
208AkarigirlLight, GlimmerJapanese1Log In to Vote
209Akashagirlspirit or the fifth element0Log In to Vote
210Akasmagirlwhite climbing-roseTurkish0Log In to Vote
211AkaylagirlGraceAmerican1Log In to Vote
212AkeamaigirlHawaiian1Log In to Vote
213AkelagirlnobleHawaiian0Log In to Vote
214AkeliagirlcaringAfrican, Irish0Log In to Vote
215AkethiagirlNative-American0Log In to Vote
216AkiegirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
217Akikogirl Japanese0Log In to Vote
218Akilahgirlintelligent, logicalArabic1Log In to Vote
219AkiligirlwisdomTanzanian0Log In to Vote
220AkilinagirleagleLatin0Log In to Vote
221Akinagirlspring flowerJapanese0Log In to Vote
222AkiragirlanchorScottish, Japanese2Log In to Vote
223AkivagirlprotectHebrew2Log In to Vote
224AkritigirldiagramHindu0Log In to Vote
225AksanagirlRussian0Log In to Vote
226AkshitagirlseenHindu0Log In to Vote
227AkutigirlprincessHindu0Log In to Vote
228Ala'agirlGrace of GodArabic0Log In to Vote
229Alacoygirldolphin spiritAmerican, Celtic, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Irish, Native-American1Log In to Vote
230AlahnnagirlHawaiian4Log In to Vote
231AlaiagirlsublimeArabic2Log In to Vote
232Alainagirlharmonious oneFrench3Log In to Vote
233AlainahgirlfieryIrish0Log In to Vote
234Alakegirlone pettedYoruban0Log In to Vote
235Alalagirlwar goddessGreek0Log In to Vote
236AlamedagirlambitiousLatin0Log In to Vote
237Alanagirlfair, beautiful, offeringGaelic, Hawaiian8Log In to Vote
238AlankritagirlHindu1Log In to Vote
239AlannagirlfairCeltic7Log In to Vote
240AlannahgirlAfrican2Log In to Vote
241AlanshagirlFuture LoveAfrican, American0Log In to Vote
242Alaquagirlsweet-gum treeNative-American1Log In to Vote
243Alaricegirlruler of allTeutonic0Log In to Vote
244Alaskagirl1Log In to Vote
245Alatrinagirlpowerful female warriorIrish1Log In to Vote
246AlavdagirllarkFrench1Log In to Vote
247AlayahgirlAmerican, Hebrew1Log In to Vote
248Alaynagirlvariant of AlainaFrench1Log In to Vote
249Alaynahgirlcute and crazyEnglish1Log In to Vote
250AlaynegirlFeminine derived version of Alan, "handsome, noble, cheerful"Celtic, Gaelic0Log In to Vote
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