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101Mandalynnegirlcombination of Amanda and Mandy and LynnAmerican1Log In to Vote
102Matheagirlgift of GodHebrew1Log In to Vote
103Mathildagirlbattle maiden, strengthGerman1Log In to Vote
104Malinagirltower, darkHebrew, Hindu1Log In to Vote
105Madelyngirl1Log In to Vote
106Matrikagirlmother, name of goddessHindu1Log In to Vote
107Malikagirlqueen, princessAfrican1Log In to Vote
108MakylagirlAmerican1Log In to Vote
109Mialinagirl1Log In to Vote
110MercigirlcompassionateFrench, Latin1Log In to Vote
111Mirandagirlextraordinary, to be admiredLatin1Log In to Vote
112Mirabellegirlwonderful; beautiful to look uponLatin1Log In to Vote
113MazziegirlbeautifulEnglish1Log In to Vote
114Maevegirlgoddess; a purple flowerGreek, Latin1Log In to Vote
115Myieshagirllife's blessingArabic1Log In to Vote
116MauragirldarkLatin1Log In to Vote
117Malonegirl1Log In to Vote
118Mayahgirl1Log In to Vote
119MagangirlpowerTeutonic1Log In to Vote
120Maiyagirl1Log In to Vote
121Miahgirlhonest ,faithful lordAmerican, Spanish1Log In to Vote
122MatinagirlGreek1Log In to Vote
123MalkagirlqueenHebrew1Log In to Vote
124MelvinagirlhandmaidenCeltic1Log In to Vote
125Maureengirlgreat; little Mary; dark-hairedLatin1Log In to Vote
126Mah'RyegirlAmerican1Log In to Vote
127Melindagirlgentle oneGreek1Log In to Vote
128Melinagirlcanary-yellowLatin1Log In to Vote
129MeraegirlunusualFrench1Log In to Vote
130MeeragirlHindu1Log In to Vote
131Monagirlpeaceful; individual; noble one; my ladyLatin1Log In to Vote
132Momokogirlchild of MomoJapanese1Log In to Vote
133Molliegirl1Log In to Vote
134Marixagirlstrong,bright,lovley one also known as MaritzaGreek1Log In to Vote
135Mahalagirlwoman; tenderness; marrowNative-American, Hebrew, Arabic1Log In to Vote
136Modestygirlmodest oneLatin1Log In to Vote
137Mekiagirl1Log In to Vote
138Makikogirlchild of MakiJapanese1Log In to Vote
139MonyettegirlFrench1Log In to Vote
140Medeagirlruling; middle childGreek, Latin1Log In to Vote
141Mady RaygirlMost BeautifulAmerican1Log In to Vote
142MorgengirlmorningGerman1Log In to Vote
143Malihagirlstrong, beautifulHindu1Log In to Vote
144Mayakogirlchild of MayaJapanese1Log In to Vote
145MishagirlHindu1Log In to Vote
146Maysongirl1Log In to Vote
147Missygirlyoung girlEnglish1Log In to Vote
148MahinagirlMoonHawaiian1Log In to Vote
149MylisagirlGift of JoyDutch1Log In to Vote
150Myahgirl1Log In to Vote
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