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251SevengirlAmerican, English1Log In to Vote
252Seylahgirlderived from Leylah, or Kayla.American1Log In to Vote
253SezengirlTurkish0Log In to Vote
254ShabikkigirlGoddess, Passinate, CaringNative-American0Log In to Vote
255ShacaragirlAmerican1Log In to Vote
256ShacarigirlAmerican, English, German, Irish, Scandinavian, Scottish, Swedish0Log In to Vote
257shaegirlclassy and beautifulAmerican3Log In to Vote
258ShaelyngirlHawklike MajesticIrish6Log In to Vote
259Shafiagirl0Log In to Vote
260Shahna-LeegirlstrongEnglish1Log In to Vote
261ShailagirlHindu0Log In to Vote
262ShailajagirlHindu0Log In to Vote
263ShailigirlstyleHindu0Log In to Vote
264Shaimaagirl A girl with good qualitiesArabic0Log In to Vote
265ShainagirlHindu0Log In to Vote
266ShainegirlbeautifulHebrew0Log In to Vote
267ShakiragirlgratefulArabic2Log In to Vote
268Shakirahgirl0Log In to Vote
269ShakogirlmintNative-American0Log In to Vote
270ShaleahgirlRoseScottish0Log In to Vote
271ShaleighgirlHawaiian1Log In to Vote
272Shaligirl0Log In to Vote
273ShalinigirlHindu1Log In to Vote
274ShallecegirlStrong assertion American0Log In to Vote
275Shalmaligirla soft treeHindu0Log In to Vote
276ShalomgirlpeaceHebrew1Log In to Vote
277Shamaragirlbattle ready warriorArabic0Log In to Vote
278ShamekagirlEnglish0Log In to Vote
279ShamitagirlpeacemakerHindu0Log In to Vote
280Shammaragirlhe girded his loinsArabic0Log In to Vote
281ShanagirlbeautifulHebrew4Log In to Vote
282ShanaegirlDutch1Log In to Vote
283Shanasgirlpronounced Shawnis0Log In to Vote
284ShanatagirlpeacefulHindu0Log In to Vote
285ShanayegirlDutch1Log In to Vote
286ShandygirlrambunctiousEnglish1Log In to Vote
287Shanedahgirlpretty little baby girlNative-American0Log In to Vote
288Shaneesegirl0Log In to Vote
289shanellegirla hill or a steep valley a one who protects a family .......hills cover the countrys that lye before themFrench2Log In to Vote
290ShanessagirlGod is graciousIrish2Log In to Vote
291Shanetragirl0Log In to Vote
292Shaneyakagirlroses and flowersAfrican1Log In to Vote
293ShanigirlmarvelousSwahili0Log In to Vote
294ShaniagirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
295ShanikagirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
296ShaninegirlAfrican, American0Log In to Vote
297Shanleygirlchild of the old heroGaelic1Log In to Vote
298Shannagirl0Log In to Vote
299Shanna-KaygirlPretty0Log In to Vote
300ShannellegirlchannelFrench2Log In to Vote
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