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1 adrian boystrongAmerican5Log In to Vote
2A'MarianagirlbeautifulAmerican3Log In to Vote
3A'miyahgirlBeautiful oneAmerican4Log In to Vote
4AamirboyAmerican2Log In to Vote
5AbbeygirlAmerican2Log In to Vote
6AbbiegirlAmerican5Log In to Vote
7Abbigaylegirlfrom abigaiAmerican0Log In to Vote
8AbellinagirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
9Abiannegirlcombination of Abigail and AnneAmerican1Log In to Vote
10AbreegirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
11Abriegirlcame up with this myselfAmerican0Log In to Vote
12acelyngirli like this name for a girlAmerican1Log In to Vote
13AceynAmerican0Log In to Vote
14AdalyngirlAmerican4Log In to Vote
15Adalynn girlvariation of AdelaideAmerican1Log In to Vote
16AdarihanagirlAddy or Rih for shortAmerican0Log In to Vote
17Addalin girlAmerican0Log In to Vote
18AddaLynngirlAmerican4Log In to Vote
19AddicyngirlDifferent spelling for AddisonAmerican1Log In to Vote
20AddileegirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
21Addrianagirlsel-expressiveAmerican2Log In to Vote
22AdenboyAmerican3Log In to Vote
23Aderagirl American0Log In to Vote
24AdiagirlInspired by the song "Adia" by Sarah McLachlanAmerican0Log In to Vote
25Adianagirlthe night's falling reveals the angels' beautyAmerican5Log In to Vote
26AdmiregirladmireAmerican2Log In to Vote
27aerabellagirlbeautifulAmerican7Log In to Vote
28AerisgirlThe transliteration of a popular character from Final Fantasy 7. Can mean "flower seller" or "white mage".American3Log In to Vote
29Aeryngirlvariant of ErinAmerican5Log In to Vote
30AffinitygirlAmerican6Log In to Vote
31Ailyngirlintelligent,beautiful woman with a good personality and with a big heartAmerican0Log In to Vote
32Ailynnegirlair, lightAmerican0Log In to Vote
33AinsleegirlAmerican1Log In to Vote
34AireannagirlAmerican1Log In to Vote
35AirionneboyFree spirited.American1Log In to Vote
36AirynegirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
37AkaylagirlGraceAmerican1Log In to Vote
38AkiegirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
39AlayniyagirlPronounced Uh-Lay-Nuh. Another form of Elena and Alayna. American2Log In to Vote
40AlaysiagirlAmerican2Log In to Vote
41AlbanygirlCapital of NY stateAmerican0Log In to Vote
42AlbeegirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
43AleagirlAmerican1Log In to Vote
44AleeahgirlAmerican1Log In to Vote
45AleiragirlGreat Giver..Young one of our LordAmerican0Log In to Vote
46AleyahgirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
47AliannahgirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
48AliceanngirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
49Alisciagirlpronounced uh-lee-see-aAmerican0Log In to Vote
50AlixgirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
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