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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Anahidgirlgoddess of the moonArmenian0Log In to Vote
2AnoushgirlsweetArmenian0Log In to Vote
3Araxiegirlriver said to inspire poetic expressionArmenian0Log In to Vote
4ArdagirlArmenian0Log In to Vote
5CarinegirlfriendArmenian1Log In to Vote
6DikranouhigirlqueenArmenian0Log In to Vote
7Karyangirlthe dark oneArmenian0Log In to Vote
8LucinegirlmoonArmenian1Log In to Vote
9OhannagirlGod's gracious giftArmenian0Log In to Vote
10PerouzegirlturquoiseArmenian0Log In to Vote
11SirangirlalluringArmenian0Log In to Vote
12SirenagirlsirenArmenian2Log In to Vote
13SiroungirllovelyArmenian1Log In to Vote
14TaleengirlArmenian0Log In to Vote
15ZiazangirlrainbowArmenian0Log In to Vote
16ArmenboyArmenianArmenian0Log In to Vote
17ArpiarboysunnyArmenian0Log In to Vote
18NishanboysignArmenian0Log In to Vote
19SarkisboyroyalityArmenian0Log In to Vote
20VaheboyvictorArmenian0Log In to Vote
21Vartanboyrose giverArmenian0Log In to Vote
22Yervantboyan Armenian kingArmenian0Log In to Vote
23Zerounboywise, respectedArmenian0Log In to Vote
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