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1AnnabellegirljoyCeltic20Log In to Vote
2MaddoxboybeneficientCeltic12Log In to Vote
3Ronanboya pledgeCeltic11Log In to Vote
4Fallongirlgrandchild of the ruler, in chargeCeltic11Log In to Vote
5Aislinngirla dream, vision, inspirationCeltic10Log In to Vote
6Fionagirlwhite, fairCeltic10Log In to Vote
7Shaylagirlfairy palaceCeltic8Log In to Vote
8Brennagirlraven maid, dark-hairedCeltic7Log In to Vote
9BrianboystrongCeltic7Log In to Vote
10AlannagirlfairCeltic7Log In to Vote
11Kendallgirlruler of the valleyCeltic6Log In to Vote
12BrianagirlstrongCeltic6Log In to Vote
13Cullenboyyoung animal, handsomeCeltic5Log In to Vote
14SeannagirlGod's graceCeltic5Log In to Vote
15Arthurboynoble, follower of ThorCeltic5Log In to Vote
16Flynnboyson of the red-haired manCeltic4Log In to Vote
17Bevingirllady with a sweet songCeltic4Log In to Vote
18Kaitlyngirllittle darlingCeltic4Log In to Vote
19RaelingirlCeltic4Log In to Vote
20BreegirlbrothCeltic4Log In to Vote
21Connerboydesire, wise aid, wolf-loverCeltic4Log In to Vote
22BryantboystrongCeltic3Log In to Vote
23Kearyboyfather's dark childCeltic3Log In to Vote
24Shylahgirlloyal to god, strongCeltic3Log In to Vote
25IsoldegirlbeautifulCeltic3Log In to Vote
26MelvinboychiefCeltic3Log In to Vote
27Arturoboystrong as a bearCeltic3Log In to Vote
28BrilynngirlstrengthCeltic3Log In to Vote
29Gwynnegirlwhite or fairCeltic3Log In to Vote
30Caoimhegirlgentleness, beauty, graceCeltic3Log In to Vote
31Gwengirlwhite or fairCeltic3Log In to Vote
32Wynnegirllight complexionedCeltic2Log In to Vote
33Nolagirlnoble or famousCeltic2Log In to Vote
34ChadwickboywarriorCeltic2Log In to Vote
35ConanboywiseCeltic2Log In to Vote
36AnnabelgirljoyCeltic2Log In to Vote
37Keeferboynoble gentleCeltic2Log In to Vote
38Cardenboyfrom the black fortressCeltic2Log In to Vote
39Caryboyhonest one, shyCeltic2Log In to Vote
40Briceboyswift, quick-moving, son of RiceCeltic2Log In to Vote
41ArlandboypledgeCeltic2Log In to Vote
42Aithnegirllittle fireCeltic2Log In to Vote
43KeganboyfieryCeltic2Log In to Vote
44ArainianagirlA maiden of the waterCeltic2Log In to Vote
45Edanboyflame, fieryCeltic2Log In to Vote
46SeanboyGod's graceCeltic2Log In to Vote
47Dierdregirlyoung girl, one who rages, broken-heartedCeltic2Log In to Vote
48Carygirlhonest one, shyCeltic2Log In to Vote
49KearneyboywarriorCeltic2Log In to Vote
50Gwendolyngirlwhite browCeltic2Log In to Vote
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