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1Ellagirlbeautiful fairy woman, allEnglish30Log In to Vote
2Jacksonboyson of JackEnglish29Log In to Vote
3HeathergirlheatherEnglish29Log In to Vote
4Emmettboyhard worker, truthEnglish25Log In to Vote
5ScarlettgirlredEnglish25Log In to Vote
6KingstonboyThe capital of JamaicaEnglish24Log In to Vote
7Charlesboymanly, strongEnglish23Log In to Vote
8Paytongirlwarrior's estateEnglish21Log In to Vote
9Braydenboybrave, broadEnglish20Log In to Vote
10Skylargirleternal life, strength, love and beautyEnglish20Log In to Vote
11Wyattboylittle warrior, waterEnglish20Log In to Vote
12Stormgirlstormy weather, tempestEnglish19Log In to Vote
13Pipergirlbagpipe playerEnglish18Log In to Vote
14Carterboycart driverEnglish18Log In to Vote
15Coleboycoal, victory of the peopleEnglish17Log In to Vote
16Hopegirltrust, faithEnglish15Log In to Vote
17Blakeboyfair-haired, pallidEnglish15Log In to Vote
18Edwardboyguardian of prosperity, guardian of the mistsEnglish15Log In to Vote
19BrooklyngirlwaterEnglish14Log In to Vote
20HazelgirlcommanderEnglish14Log In to Vote
21Landonboylong hillEnglish14Log In to Vote
22Brandonboyfiery hill, swordEnglish14Log In to Vote
23RyderboyhorsemanEnglish13Log In to Vote
24Jasperboysemi-precious stoneEnglish12Log In to Vote
25Tylerboytiler, rooferEnglish12Log In to Vote
26Aspengirltype of treeEnglish12Log In to Vote
27Haydenboythe rosy meadowEnglish12Log In to Vote
28Bradleyboybroad meadowEnglish12Log In to Vote
29HunterboyhunterEnglish11Log In to Vote
30Bentleyboyfrom the moorEnglish11Log In to Vote
31Ashtonboyash treeEnglish11Log In to Vote
32Embergirlsmoldering remains of a fireEnglish11Log In to Vote
33Tatumgirlcheerful bringer of joyEnglish11Log In to Vote
34Spencerboydispenser, keeperEnglish10Log In to Vote
35Jettboyjet black gemEnglish10Log In to Vote
36Prestonboydweller at the church, priest's settlementEnglish10Log In to Vote
37Lincolnboyhome by the pondEnglish10Log In to Vote
38Hayleegirlfrom the hay meadowEnglish10Log In to Vote
39Audreygirlnoble strengthEnglish9Log In to Vote
40BrooklynngirlwaterEnglish9Log In to Vote
41SawyerboywoodsmanEnglish9Log In to Vote
42CoralinegirlBaby Girl Name. Meaning: From the semi-precious sea growth coral.English9Log In to Vote
43Scarletgirldeep redEnglish9Log In to Vote
44Laineygirlsun rayEnglish9Log In to Vote
45Adalaidegirlnoble, variant of HeidiEnglish8Log In to Vote
46Harmonygirla beautiful blendingEnglish8Log In to Vote
47Courtneygirlfrom the courtEnglish8Log In to Vote
48Wesleyboywest meadowEnglish8Log In to Vote
49Rylanboydweller in the rye fieldEnglish8Log In to Vote
50Summergirlsummer seasonEnglish7Log In to Vote
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