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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51PearlgirlgemstoneEnglish7Log In to Vote
52Lovegirlloved oneEnglish7Log In to Vote
53Bradenboyfrom the broad valleyEnglish7Log In to Vote
54Summergirlsummer seasonEnglish7Log In to Vote
55Gageboya pledge, a pawnEnglish6Log In to Vote
56BlossomgirllovelyEnglish6Log In to Vote
57Whitneygirlfrom the white islandEnglish6Log In to Vote
58Camerongirlbent nose, dark-haired beautyEnglish6Log In to Vote
59Chelseagirlriver landing place, portEnglish6Log In to Vote
60DawngirldawnEnglish6Log In to Vote
61Cameronboybent noseEnglish6Log In to Vote
62TaylorgirltailorEnglish6Log In to Vote
63WintergirlwinterEnglish6Log In to Vote
64Laneboynarrow roadEnglish6Log In to Vote
65HaydengirlEnglish6Log In to Vote
66KaelyngirlmeadowEnglish6Log In to Vote
67AlyxgirlhelperEnglish5Log In to Vote
68Aldenboyantique, old, wise protector, old friendEnglish5Log In to Vote
69Edisonboyson of EdwardEnglish5Log In to Vote
70CoringirlEnglish5Log In to Vote
71Atticusboyfather-likeEnglish5Log In to Vote
72Scottboyfrom ScotlandEnglish5Log In to Vote
73Hollygirlplant with red berries, holly groveEnglish5Log In to Vote
74Graysonboyson of the bailiffEnglish5Log In to Vote
75JoygirljoyEnglish5Log In to Vote
76KelseygirlCeol's island, beautiful island; from the ship's island, shipping harborEnglish5Log In to Vote
77KayleegirlEnglish5Log In to Vote
78HarlowgirlEnglish4Log In to Vote
79Parkerboycultivated landEnglish4Log In to Vote
80Alexigirlfemale variant of AlexanderEnglish4Log In to Vote
81Aliciagirlof noble birthEnglish4Log In to Vote
82Amarisgirlchild of the moonEnglish4Log In to Vote
83Annabethgirlcombination name of Anna and BethEnglish4Log In to Vote
84Ashleighgirlfrom the ash treeEnglish4Log In to Vote
85Knoxboyfrom the hillsEnglish4Log In to Vote
86LibertygirlfreedomEnglish4Log In to Vote
87Baileegirlcourtyard within the wallsEnglish4Log In to Vote
88RiderboyhorsemanEnglish4Log In to Vote
89Tannerboyleather workerEnglish4Log In to Vote
90Westonboyresidence nameEnglish4Log In to Vote
91Jamesonboyson of JamesEnglish4Log In to Vote
92ReedboyreedEnglish4Log In to Vote
93Drakeboyale duck, dragonEnglish4Log In to Vote
94Colbyboycoal townEnglish4Log In to Vote
95JamiegirlFeminine of JamesEnglish4Log In to Vote
96ToddboyfoxEnglish4Log In to Vote
97Harrisonboyson of HarryEnglish4Log In to Vote
98Jamisonboyson of JamesEnglish3Log In to Vote
99Brennanboyto brandEnglish3Log In to Vote
100Bronsonboyson of Brown, son of the dark-skinned oneEnglish3Log In to Vote
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