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101Alderboybirch tree, revered oneEnglish3Log In to Vote
102ChanningboyknowingEnglish3Log In to Vote
103TuckerboytailorEnglish3Log In to Vote
104EmersonboyEmery's sonEnglish3Log In to Vote
105AvalonboyislandEnglish3Log In to Vote
106Zinniagirlflower nameEnglish3Log In to Vote
107Lelandboyfrom the meadow landEnglish3Log In to Vote
108Donaldboyruler of the world, brown strangerEnglish3Log In to Vote
109Brennanboyto brandEnglish3Log In to Vote
110Bishopboya bishopEnglish3Log In to Vote
111Paytonboywarrior's estateEnglish3Log In to Vote
112Bronsonboyson of Brown, son of the dark-skinned oneEnglish3Log In to Vote
113Harrisonboyson of HarryEnglish3Log In to Vote
114Tategirlto be cheerful; windy, a great talkerEnglish3Log In to Vote
115Oakleyboyfrom the oak meadowEnglish3Log In to Vote
116NashboycliffEnglish3Log In to Vote
117Winifredgirlfriend of peaceEnglish3Log In to Vote
118PerrigirlwandererEnglish3Log In to Vote
119Annabethgirlcombination name of Anna and BethEnglish3Log In to Vote
120CallumboyEnglish3Log In to Vote
121Hollisboynear the valleyEnglish3Log In to Vote
122Larkgirla birdEnglish3Log In to Vote
123Harperboyharp playerEnglish3Log In to Vote
124Jamisonboyson of JamesEnglish3Log In to Vote
125JoycegirljustEnglish3Log In to Vote
126Lanegirlnarrow roadEnglish3Log In to Vote
127JocelyngirlEnglish3Log In to Vote
128TaylorboytailorEnglish3Log In to Vote
129BennettboyEnglish3Log In to Vote
130Bentlyboylovely name English3Log In to Vote
131BlythegirljoyousEnglish3Log In to Vote
132Havenboysafe placeEnglish3Log In to Vote
133CarringtongirlbeautifulEnglish3Log In to Vote
134Juniorboythe young childEnglish3Log In to Vote
135KodyboyhelpfulEnglish3Log In to Vote
136Baronboynoble manEnglish2Log In to Vote
137Randallboyshield wolfEnglish2Log In to Vote
138Barnettboynoble manEnglish2Log In to Vote
139Prescottboyresidence nameEnglish2Log In to Vote
140RaeboydoeEnglish2Log In to Vote
141TraceboybraveEnglish2Log In to Vote
142Randyboyshield wolf; nickname for RandallEnglish2Log In to Vote
143EbbiegirlEnglish2Log In to Vote
144ScarlettegirlProunouced Scar-let. Means powerful, strong, beautiful. English2Log In to Vote
145Alvinboyelf wine, noble friendEnglish2Log In to Vote
146Edlyngirlnoble womanEnglish2Log In to Vote
147EastergirlEaster timeEnglish2Log In to Vote
148HeathboywastelandEnglish2Log In to Vote
149Ashtynboyfrom the ash-tree townEnglish2Log In to Vote
150AmariegirlEnglish2Log In to Vote
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