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151Alvinboyelf wine, noble friendEnglish2Log In to Vote
152Billboyform of the name WilliamEnglish2Log In to Vote
153Hosanagirlpretty, loyaltyEnglish2Log In to Vote
154BoothboyhutEnglish2Log In to Vote
155Ashleegirlfrom the field of ash treesEnglish2Log In to Vote
156Prescottboyresidence nameEnglish2Log In to Vote
157Xoe girlEnglish2Log In to Vote
158Beverlygirlmeadow of beaversEnglish2Log In to Vote
159AmariegirlEnglish2Log In to Vote
160RaeboydoeEnglish2Log In to Vote
161Ashligirlash tree meadowEnglish2Log In to Vote
162Dwayneboyfield or meadowEnglish2Log In to Vote
163TraceboybraveEnglish2Log In to Vote
164Brettboya native of Brittany, BritonEnglish2Log In to Vote
165Randyboyshield wolf; nickname for RandallEnglish2Log In to Vote
166Ashtyngirlfrom the Ash Tree TownEnglish2Log In to Vote
167BraelyngirlEnglish2Log In to Vote
168SandersboyAlexander's sonEnglish2Log In to Vote
169Severinboyriver in EnglandEnglish2Log In to Vote
170EastergirlEaster timeEnglish2Log In to Vote
171PoppygirlflowerEnglish2Log In to Vote
172CarringtonboybeautifulEnglish2Log In to Vote
173HeathboywastelandEnglish2Log In to Vote
174Leeboyglade; poet; plumEnglish2Log In to Vote
175Ronboyadvisor to the king, nickname for RonaldEnglish2Log In to Vote
176Leightonboyresidence nameEnglish2Log In to Vote
177Stokleyboyfrom the tree-stump meadowEnglish2Log In to Vote
178Kaydenceboypretty funny and activeEnglish2Log In to Vote
179Clarkboycleric, scholarEnglish2Log In to Vote
180Thaneboyattendant warriorEnglish2Log In to Vote
181Edlyngirlnoble womanEnglish2Log In to Vote
182KarsongirlLove,Boldness,HopeEnglish2Log In to Vote
183Kimberleygirlland belonging to Cyneburg, royal fortress, meadowEnglish2Log In to Vote
184Gailgirlgay, livelyEnglish2Log In to Vote
185Brendagirlfiery hill, sword-bladeEnglish2Log In to Vote
186ManhattangirlwhiskeyEnglish2Log In to Vote
187Tateboyto be cheerful; windy, a great talkerEnglish2Log In to Vote
188 CleogirlEnglish2Log In to Vote
189Chadboywarlike, warriorEnglish2Log In to Vote
190Carverboysculptor, wood carverEnglish2Log In to Vote
191TerrelboythundererEnglish2Log In to Vote
192Colemanboycharcoal burner, dove, peaceEnglish2Log In to Vote
193EbbiegirlEnglish2Log In to Vote
194WendygirlfairEnglish2Log In to Vote
195Robertboybright, famousEnglish2Log In to Vote
196Foxboycunning animalEnglish2Log In to Vote
197JayleegirlEnglish2Log In to Vote
198LondongirlCalmEnglish2Log In to Vote
199Londonboyfierce ruler of the worldEnglish2Log In to Vote
200VelvetgirlfabricEnglish2Log In to Vote
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