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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
151Kaschboylike a blackbirdGerman2Log In to Vote
152KatelynngirlStrong personGerman1Log In to Vote
153KaynagirlBeautiful femaleGerman0Log In to Vote
154KellenboyswampGerman2Log In to Vote
155KerstingirlGerman0Log In to Vote
156Kieferboybarrel-makerGerman2Log In to Vote
157Kobyboydark, dark-hairedGerman1Log In to Vote
158LamargirllandGerman0Log In to Vote
159LamarboylandGerman1Log In to Vote
160LancelotboylandGerman1Log In to Vote
161Learboyof the meadowGerman1Log In to Vote
162LeoboyGerman14Log In to Vote
163LeonboyGerman1Log In to Vote
164Leonardboylion-heartedGerman3Log In to Vote
165Leopoldboybold leaderGerman0Log In to Vote
166Leopoldagirlbold leaderGerman0Log In to Vote
167LewisboywarriorGerman2Log In to Vote
168Leynagirllittle angelGerman1Log In to Vote
169Liesegirlbeloved by GodGerman1Log In to Vote
170LorallaigirlCliffs; songs of the sirens that called to saliorsGerman0Log In to Vote
171Loreleigirlfrom the Rhine RiverGerman7Log In to Vote
172Loringboyfamous in warGerman0Log In to Vote
173Lorrainegirlwhere Lothar dwellsGerman2Log In to Vote
174Louisboyfamed warriorGerman2Log In to Vote
175LutherboywarriorGerman0Log In to Vote
176MacklindboyGerman0Log In to Vote
177Madisongirlson of a mighty warrior; son of MaudGerman35Log In to Vote
178Madisonboyson of a mighty warrior; son of MaudGerman0Log In to Vote
179Mallorygirlarmy counseler, without good fortuneGerman6Log In to Vote
180Manfredboyman of peaceGerman0Log In to Vote
181Marlenegirlchild of light, bitterGerman1Log In to Vote
182Mathildagirlbattle maiden, strengthGerman1Log In to Vote
183Maudgirlstrength in battleGerman3Log In to Vote
184Mayerboyfarmer; greater; bringer of lightGerman0Log In to Vote
185Merrillboyfamous; of the seaGerman0Log In to Vote
186Meyerboya farmerGerman0Log In to Vote
187Micolettegirlfaithful,godlyGerman0Log In to Vote
188Millicentgirlindustrious, strengthGerman1Log In to Vote
189MorgengirlmorningGerman1Log In to Vote
190NelegirlGerman0Log In to Vote
191Nikolausboyvictory of the peopleGerman0Log In to Vote
192Nixiegirlwater spriteGerman0Log In to Vote
193Norbertboyblond heroGerman0Log In to Vote
194Norbertagirlblond heroGerman0Log In to Vote
195Nordicagirlfrom the northGerman0Log In to Vote
196Olindagirlprotector of propertyGerman0Log In to Vote
197Orlanthagirlfrom the landGerman0Log In to Vote
198Penrodboyesteemed commanderGerman0Log In to Vote
199PepingirlperseveranceGerman3Log In to Vote
200Quincygirldifferent,uniqueGerman0Log In to Vote
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