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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
101BaptistagirlbaptizerGreek0Log In to Vote
102BarbragirlstrangeGreek0Log In to Vote
103BastiaanboyvenerableGreek0Log In to Vote
104Battistagirlthe baptizerGreek0Log In to Vote
105Belenboyan arrowGreek0Log In to Vote
106BellancagirlstrongholdGreek0Log In to Vote
107BemusboyplatformGreek0Log In to Vote
108Bernicegirlbringer of victoryGreek1Log In to Vote
109BobbiegirlstrangeGreek1Log In to Vote
110BriannegirlStrong and BeautifulGreek1Log In to Vote
111BriseisgirlShe is the cousin to the Trojans Hector and Paris in Homer's "The Odyssey" and "The Illiad".Greek0Log In to Vote
112BrontëgirlthunderGreek1Log In to Vote
113BrontëboythunderGreek0Log In to Vote
114Cairogirlcapitol of EgyptGreek0Log In to Vote
115CalandragirllarkGreek3Log In to Vote
116Calanthagirlbeautiful blossomsGreek1Log In to Vote
117CalendregirlGreek1Log In to Vote
118CaliagirlbeautifulGreek1Log In to Vote
119CalipsagirlVariation of CalypsoGreek1Log In to Vote
120CalipsaVariation of CalypsoGreek0Log In to Vote
121Calistagirlmost beautifulGreek8Log In to Vote
122Calistoboymost beautifulGreek0Log In to Vote
123CalliagirlbeautifulGreek3Log In to Vote
124Callidoragirlgift of beautyGreek2Log In to Vote
125Calliopegirlbeautiful voiceGreek4Log In to Vote
126Calypsogirlone who concealsGreek7Log In to Vote
127Canacegirlchild of the windGreek1Log In to Vote
128Candacegirlwhite-hot, glowing, glitteringGreek2Log In to Vote
129CandicegirlGreek7Log In to Vote
130CanisboyDogGreek1Log In to Vote
131CascadiagirlGreek2Log In to Vote
132Cassandragirlprophet of doomGreek9Log In to Vote
133CassiagirlchampionGreek3Log In to Vote
134CastagirlpurityGreek1Log In to Vote
135Castaliagirlwife of king DelphosGreek1Log In to Vote
136CastorboyGreek0Log In to Vote
137CatherinegirlpureGreek18Log In to Vote
138CathygirlpureGreek1Log In to Vote
139Celandiagirlthe swallowGreek1Log In to Vote
140Celinagirlcomes from Selene the goddess of the moonGreek0Log In to Vote
141CetoriagirlLOYALTYGreek0Log In to Vote
142CharisgirlcharityGreek2Log In to Vote
143CharismagirlgraceGreek1Log In to Vote
144CharissagirlgraceGreek2Log In to Vote
145Charmiangirla little joyGreek1Log In to Vote
146CherisegirlgraceGreek1Log In to Vote
147ChloegirlbloomingGreek48Log In to Vote
148Christianboyanointed, follows ChristGreek14Log In to Vote
149Christinagirlanointed, follows ChristGreek9Log In to Vote
150ChristopherboyChrist-bearerGreek28Log In to Vote
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