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51LiylagirlGracious Lily,Purity and beauty.Hawaiian0Log In to Vote
52Lokelanigirlsmall red roseHawaiian1Log In to Vote
53MahinagirlMoonHawaiian1Log In to Vote
54Mahniyagirlbeautiful blessingHawaiian0Log In to Vote
55MakaiboyToward the seaHawaiian0Log In to Vote
56Makennagirlalso Makena, Makenah, MakennahHawaiian4Log In to Vote
57MalugirlpeacefulnessHawaiian0Log In to Vote
58MekaboyeyesHawaiian0Log In to Vote
59MerliagirlMermaid GoddessHawaiian0Log In to Vote
60MilygirlbeautifulHawaiian2Log In to Vote
61Nalanigirlcalmness of the skiesHawaiian0Log In to Vote
62Noelanigirlbeautiful girl from heavenHawaiian2Log In to Vote
63Okelanigirlfrom heavenHawaiian0Log In to Vote
64OlianagirloleanderHawaiian0Log In to Vote
65PaprikagirlGiverHawaiian0Log In to Vote
66Pelaboya flowerHawaiian0Log In to Vote
67PenigirlweaverHawaiian0Log In to Vote
68PuananigirlPretty FlowerHawaiian0Log In to Vote
69Roselanigirlheavenly roseHawaiian1Log In to Vote
70SanoegirlHawaiian0Log In to Vote
71ShaleighgirlHawaiian1Log In to Vote
72TomakishagirlPretty FlowerHawaiian0Log In to Vote
73Treharneboydark hairHawaiian0Log In to Vote
74Ululanigirlheavenly inspirationHawaiian0Log In to Vote
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