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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Kaleboystrong and manlyHawaiian10Log In to Vote
2Kaiboysea, willow treeHawaiian6Log In to Vote
3Lanigirlsky, heavenHawaiian4Log In to Vote
4Kaigirlsea, willow treeHawaiian4Log In to Vote
5JaylenboyHawaiian4Log In to Vote
6Makennagirlalso Makena, Makenah, MakennahHawaiian4Log In to Vote
7KaleagirlbrightHawaiian3Log In to Vote
8AlahnnagirlHawaiian3Log In to Vote
9KoaboyBrave, HeroHawaiian2Log In to Vote
10Kielegirlgardenia, fragrant blossomHawaiian2Log In to Vote
11Kianagirlmoon GoddessHawaiian2Log In to Vote
12Noelanigirlbeautiful girl from heavenHawaiian2Log In to Vote
13Keilanagirladored oneHawaiian2Log In to Vote
14MilygirlbeautifulHawaiian2Log In to Vote
15Roselanigirlheavenly roseHawaiian1Log In to Vote
16Kionigirlhawaiian flowerHawaiian1Log In to Vote
17MahinagirlMoonHawaiian1Log In to Vote
18ShaleighgirlHawaiian1Log In to Vote
19KaelanigirlHawaiian1Log In to Vote
20Lokelanigirlsmall red roseHawaiian1Log In to Vote
21Kalamagirlflaming torchHawaiian1Log In to Vote
22KahokuboystarHawaiian1Log In to Vote
23Kailigirla deityHawaiian1Log In to Vote
24KelsigirlBeautiful and prettyHawaiian1Log In to Vote
25Alohilanigirlorange treeHawaiian1Log In to Vote
26KaliagirlbeautyHawaiian1Log In to Vote
27Iolanagirlto soar like an eagleHawaiian1Log In to Vote
28La-Kaigirlsunny oceanHawaiian0Log In to Vote
29Hoku-Lelegirlfalling starHawaiian0Log In to Vote
30AmberlygirlMagicalHawaiian0Log In to Vote
31LiylagirlGracious Lily,Purity and beauty.Hawaiian0Log In to Vote
32AkeamaigirlHawaiian0Log In to Vote
33ElsigirlGodess of Quad leg animals.Hawaiian0Log In to Vote
34Treharneboydark hairHawaiian0Log In to Vote
35SanoegirlHawaiian0Log In to Vote
36Pelaboya flowerHawaiian0Log In to Vote
37EtaygirlBeatiful,lovingHawaiian0Log In to Vote
38HuigirlsunHawaiian0Log In to Vote
39Aliagirlof the lakeHawaiian0Log In to Vote
40Aa'iuoauioegirlregalHawaiian0Log In to Vote
41LanaiagirlSounds like la-nay-ahHawaiian0Log In to Vote
42MerliagirlMermaid GoddessHawaiian0Log In to Vote
43KaalomygirlHawianHawaiian0Log In to Vote
44TomakishagirlPretty FlowerHawaiian0Log In to Vote
45PaprikagirlGiverHawaiian0Log In to Vote
46Linogirlto sparkleHawaiian0Log In to Vote
47KeanagirlMoon GoddessHawaiian0Log In to Vote
48LayLanigirllover; peaceful oneHawaiian0Log In to Vote
49PuananigirlPretty FlowerHawaiian0Log In to Vote
50OlianagirloleanderHawaiian0Log In to Vote
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