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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
151ZarándboygoldHungarian0Log In to Vote
152ZeköboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
153ZerindboyserbHungarian0Log In to Vote
154ZétényboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
155Ziganagirlgypsy girlHungarian0Log In to Vote
156Zizigirldedicated to GodHungarian0Log In to Vote
157ZoárdboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
158ZoborboygatheringHungarian0Log In to Vote
159ZoltánboychieftainHungarian0Log In to Vote
160ZomborboybuffaloHungarian0Log In to Vote
161ZoránboydawnHungarian0Log In to Vote
162ZsaZsagirlrose, lilyHungarian0Log In to Vote
163Zsigmondboyvictorious defenderHungarian0Log In to Vote
164Zsoltboyname of an honorHungarian0Log In to Vote
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